Yoga Teacher Training


Carla has been presenting Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) for teacher trainings since 2000, teaching across the US and in Costa Rica. Her book Anatomy of a Yogi is available as an adjunct to her teachings.

Her approach is comprehensive, including all systems of the body with special emphasis on the musculoskeletal system. Yoga is integrated throughout using asana and pranayama to illustrate the various A&P concepts.

Carla’s experience as a paramedic, her academic studies in physiological psychology and her love of yoga come together in the mind/body/spirit relationship that permeates the essence of her teachings. She strives to provide basic knowledge of A&P so that teachers may understand their students’ strengths and weaknesses and protect them from injury. Her focus also explores the power of yoga in healing.

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Included within each module is:

  • A guided meditation

  • Interactive lecture and presentations

  • PowerPoint to illustrate anatomical features

  • Demonstrations of how individual differences in physical structure determine one’s range of motion

  • Experiential exercises, such as body scanning, and exploring anatomy landmarks on oneself and others

  • Guided imagery experiences ranging from how different systems work to what chakrasrepresent

  • Practice identifying the benefits and precautions of asanas;

  • Printed materials, study guides and quizzes are provided for each module.

Carla finds the human body/mind infinitely fascinating and is passionate about sharing what she has learned to yoga teachers-in-training. Please contact her to discuss how to best adapt this program for your teacher training.


Anatomy and Physiology Modules

A brief outline of the different A&P modules

Introduction to A&P Learning the Language

Skeletal System How postural alignment and range of motions within each asana is dictated by the structure of one's bones and how different types of joints are suited to specific movements

Muscular System How to safely contract and stretch muscles and protect the connective tissue surrounding the joints during asana

Cardiovascular SystemOpening the heart to enhance circulation and regulate blood pressure

Respiratory System Why pranayama is the secret to health and well-being

Digestion & Elimination Exploring a conscious yogic approach to eating habits

Reproductive System Understanding the benefits of yoga from puberty through menopause

Nervous System Regulating the sympathetic and para- sympathetic systems to bring the body into balance.

Endocrine System & Chakras How hormones control development and influence behavior

Immune System Changing the way we view disease to take responsibility for our own health

Psychoneuroimmunology How emotions affect one's well-being

Stress Reduction & Relaxation Response Identifying and coping with stress through yoga, pranayama and meditation

Yoga & Healing Exploring the healing benefits, precautions and contraindications of each asana